Calm Central


Calm Central has been developed within our school to provide therapeutic sessions and emotional literacy. Here at Calm Central, our children develop mindfulness skills, by use of breathing and relaxation in a calming, safe environment. By bringing together educational and therapeutic approaches, our aim is to provide school based activities which meet the social and emotional needs of children.

Here at Gwladys Street School, we are one of the few schools locally that have developed this approach. We have created a fun but nurturing environment where children can feel comfortable and at ease with others. We run weekly sessions, where children can explore their needs and emotions through play. This provides an opportunity for free expression, exploration and peer interaction. Our sessions comprise of enjoyable circle time games, emotional literacy, group discussions, confidence building activities, visualisations, imaginative role play activities and free play. We ensure that the children are supported throughout and our circle time activities enable the children to express their feelings and voice their opinions. We encourage all our children to be independent and confident in their abilities which in turn enhance their social development, giving them a strong sense of personal identity.

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