At Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery School we are proud to welcome children and their families from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.  We currently have twenty-two languages spoken with children learning English at a wide range of stages.

School Of Sanctuary

We are proud to be a School of Sanctuary in our wonderful City of Sanctuary, Liverpool.  This award recognises our aims of ensuring Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery school is a welcoming school where families receive appropriate support based on their previous experiences.  This is particularly relevant for families who may be seeking asylum or have refugee status. We believe that our involvement in this scheme enhances our ability to provide the best possible support to the children and families in our care. Please click on the School of Sanctuary Link above for more information.

Assessment, Monitoring and Provision

We use an initial assessment of children when they arrive at school to differentiate lessons according to children’s previous experiences and exposure to English.  This initial assessment also enables us to provide pastoral care where appropriate.

Once children are fully settled, we complete a termly assessment using the NASSEA assessment tool.  This tool allows us to closely monitor children’s progress in the curriculum and their acquisition of English.  The information subsequently informs the EAL support that we put in place for each child.  We provide support in each class for our EAL pupils at the level they can access, this includes using visuals, translated materials and intervention support to boost vocabulary and communication as required.

Children are removed from class for short interventions briefly in order to pre-teach vocabulary and enable them to better access the learning in class. The timetable for support is updated on a termly basis to ensure that children spend the majority of their time in school in class with their peers.

EAL Buddies

Whenever we have a newly arrived pupil they are buddied up with a classmate in order that they settle into school life and feel welcomed as part of our Gwladys Street family.  These buddies act as language role models and enjoy the responsibility of supporting their new friends to settle in.  Our EAL buddies received specialist training from EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service) as well termly meetings in school.

Language of the Month

Each month we celebrate and learn about a different language. We warmly welcome any involvement from parents and families and encourage them to get involved, however big or small the contribution. Please ensure you follow our twitter page and read our weekly newsletter to keep up to date with our language of the month.

Coffee Afternoons

We hold a weekly coffee afternoon for parents.  We invite EAL parents specifically to this by providing a letter in their home language.  These coffee afternoons are a great way for parents to meet other parents who speak their home language as well as parents who are native English speakers.

Multicultural Learning

We love to recognise and celebrate the rich diversity of language at school and promote our inclusive values.  Keep an eye on our twitter feed to see what we have been up to.

If you require any further information on EAL, please contact Miss Hennessey our EAL Coordinator.

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