Welcome to Gwladys Street CP and Nursery School. We would like to introduce you to all the staff that work here:


Miss N. Booth – Headteacher

Mr. P Moore – Acting Deputy Headteacher & Year 2 Teacher

Mrs C. Barry – School Business Manager


Mr D. Fidler – Nursery Teacher

Miss K. Fletcher – EYFS Teacher

Mrs A. Thomas – EYFS Teacher and Early Years Lead

Miss L. Hennessey – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J. Quantick – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs L. Cooper – Year 2 Teacher

Miss L. Healey – Year 2 Teacher

Miss S. Finnerty – Year 3 Teacher

Mr B. Jones – Year 3 Teacher and

Mrs L. Jackson – Year 3 Teacher and Senior DSL

Mrs E. Beckwith – Year 3 Teacher

Miss L. Noon – Year 4 Teacher

Miss L. Heath – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs K. Townley-Jones – Year 5 Teacher

Miss C. Aucutt – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs. L Haslehurst – Year 6 Teacher

Miss H. Duffy – Year 6 Teacher

Mr S. McGee – Teaching Assistant

Ms. M. Mihai – Teaching Assistant

Mrs. B. Kilroy – Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Gordon – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Cunningham – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Grimes – Teaching Assistant

Mr. S Healy – Sport and Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Miss K. Richardson – Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Cunningham – Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Jeffers – Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Jones – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Chambers – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Finnegan – Teaching Assistant

Miss H. Timmins – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. White – Teaching Assistant


Mrs H. Hargreaves – Finance Officer

Mrs J. Greenall – Admin Assistant

Mr I. Price – Site Manager


Mrs G. Moxon _ Head Chef

Miss L. Clare – Catering Staff

Mrs. C. McDonald – Catering Staff

Mrs E. Bailey – Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs L. Austin – Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs G. Holding – Midday Supervisor

Mrs L. Lowles – Midday Supervisor