Meet Gwladys our School Attendance mascot.


Attendance at Gwladys Street C P and N School

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At Gwladys  Street C. P. and N. School, attendance is our Number 1 priority and we strive for all children to have at least 97%  to ensure they can fulfil their true potential.

We encourage good attendance in many ways:

Weekly attendance prizes

Children from each class who have 97% or above could win a prize, best class to have golden time activity, trophies, certificates and even a mini Gwladys to work alongside the children in class for the week. See below for some of our most recent winners.

100% Attendance Weekly Sweet Winners

Everton Ticket Winners – 100%

Monthly Class attendance rewards 2022

January 2022 – After school tea party

January Tea Party Pictures 

February 2022 – After school film night with popcorn and drinks

February Tea Party Pictures

March 2022 – Disco Afternoon

April 2022 – specialist ICT teacher Mr Triggs will deliver an extra special ICT lesson for the afternoon.

May  2022 – An afternoon with board games and refreshments.

June  2022 – best three classes with a visit from Zoolab!!


Each half term

Parents of all the children who achieve 97% and above will be entered into a prize draw for shopping vouchers.

End of year rewards for children with 97% and above attendance.


Supporting families

To support our families in improving attendance we have Mrs. Martindale as our Attendance Officer. Her role is to track attendance across the school and identify opportunities to support families. We have many ways that we can do this including offering a breakfast club place and pastoral support.  An important part of our Attendance Officer’s role is to keep families up to date with children’s attendance and punctuality as this can impact on children’s learning.


Why attendance is so important.

We ensure children understand how good attendance can impact on their lives now and in the future. We speak to the children regularly about attendance and how it can affect their learning. We have many visitors and special days to recognise the importance of attendance and ensure all learning has Golden Opportunities.


Why attend Gwladys

At Gwladys Street, we pride ourselves on an engaging and exciting curriculum enhanced by visitors and visits. We offer many after school clubs and themed days and are proud of our new improved outdoor areas. Good attendance supports children’s wellbeing and development and they are taught healthy coping and resilient strategies to understand their own emotions and those of others. School has an excellent team of Mental Health experts and a nurture base – Calm Central – to support a holistic approach to the child’s wellbeing as well as signposting to other agencies for the whole family.




Attendance letters

Attendance Policy March 2022.docx

Historical attendance figures

What does good attendance look like?