Monday 8th March 2021 – Full School Opening

School reopens for all pupils on Monday 8th March 2021, we look forward to seeing them all.  We have many exciting things planned.

Hello, and welcome to our Foundation Stage 2 webpage. On this page you can find key information, as well as ideas to support learning and development at home.
Our team plan responsively from children’s individual interests which evolve and develop over a term, we have themes which we introduce to provoke new ideas, thoughts and learning.

Our themes throughout our academic year are:

Marvellous me

Night and Day

Once Upon a time

Down in the garden

Off on an adventure

Pirates and the seaside

Outdoor Learning: Outdoor learning is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Children will have the maximum opportunities to play and learn outdoors. We therefore ask that you dress them appropriately for the weather. School will kindly provide wellington boots and wet gear.

PE: PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Your children will be expected to dress and undress independently, please support your children to dress themselves when getting ready for school. We would also like to remind you that no jewellery should be worn to school and that shoes with velcro should be worn unless your child can independently lace and fasten their own shoes.

Snack: Children will have the opportunity to access snack during both the morning and afternoon session. This will consist of a range of healthy foods such as fruit, carrots and toast. We also bake within our sessions and encourage children to explore new foods, whilst learning and understanding the importance of a healthy diet. Children will be provided with the opportunity to access milk and water at their leisure, throughout the day.

Clothing: We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to label all items of clothing brought to school. It is also helpful if PE bags and packed lunches are also named. It helps us get belongings back to you more quickly when they are miss placed.

Reading: Once issued with a school reading book we expect that children bring their books to school every single day. If you listen to your child read please make a comment and update their reading record.

FS Long Term Outcomes

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