Due to the social context of the school, Personal, Social and Health Education is a vital part of Gwladys Street’s curriculum.  It reflects our desire to provide the best possible education opportunities for the whole community it serves.

We ensure that the school is inclusive where all children aim high, achieve well, develop self-confidence, resilience, positive values and beliefs, understand how to care for themselves and have a caring attitude towards others.

We equip our children with the knowledge and strategies on how to live healthy, live safely and responsibly. Our intent is to help support our children to develop resilience and skills to manage life’s challenges and make the most out of opportunities, becoming responsible citizens.


  1. Ensuring children celebrate and appreciate the diverse community of the school.
  2. Giving children the vocabulary to express their    thoughts and feelings, enabling them to become confident in their own rights and responsibilities, allowing them to stand up for what they believe in.
  3. Enabling children to build on their prior knowledge by using progressive and transferable skills that make PSHE an exciting and rewarding subject here at Gwladys Street Community Primary School.
  4. Enabling children to develop self- awareness, manage their feelings, develop their social skills, developing their motivation to be effective learners


The resource ‘Jigsaw’ is used to deliver discreet lessons each week.

The resource One decision is used within EYFS to compliment the PSED curriculum.

Children use Zones of Regulation on a daily basis to help themselves regulate their own emotions.

Children use ROAR materials to support them with their resilience, self-regulation and mental well-being, including twice daily mindfulness breathing. All classrooms have mindfulness areas and the school has a specialist resource for children who require further support called Calm Central.

Each classroom has a display of the nine characteristics for equality and are used by the teaching staff in the classroom.

The whole curriculum has planned opportunities to teach safe messages and other PSHE objectives to consolidate learning.

Through focused teaching, children will be taught a range of subject specific and age appropriate vocabulary, allowing them to draw on these in individual lessons.

Specialist visitors are invited to school to discuss PSHE themes eg. Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism.

Online safety is promoted daily through children accessing the internet/using a range of devices and themed weeks.

School is a participant of the Walk to School, the year-round walk to school challenge to promote healthy living.

Children have the opportunity to become part of the Mini-Police to develop their sense of citizenship working alongside Merseyside Police within the local community


Children are able to make responsible and healthy choices to become confident citizens.

Children will demonstrate and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Liberty.

Children demonstrate resilience to their work.

Children understand how to keep themselves safe at home and at school and who can support and help them.

Children use digital devices safely and understand how to report unacceptable behaviour.

Children can understand the different lifestyles that others may have. They are able to be respectful and tolerant towards others who may live differently to themselves.

Children can demonstrate their understanding and support their views with reasoning.

Maintain positive relationships with a diverse range of family and friendship groups.

Children’s attendance and outcomes will become in line with national expectations as barriers are removed for children to become successful



British Values

British Values

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