Policies and Key Documents


Anti-Bullying Policy 2019

Animals in School Policy

Art and Design Policy 2021

COVID-19 Update to Art and Design Policy

Attendance Policy 2019

COVID-19 Update to Attendance Policy

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

COVID-19 Update to Assessment Policy

Behaviour Policy 2018

COVID-19 Update to Behaviour Policy

Bereavement Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy 2020

COVID-19 update to Child Protection Policy appendix v1 January 2021

Complaints Procedure Policy

Computing Policy

COVID-19 Update to Computing Policy

Covid Catch Up Plan 2020-2021

Data Protection GDPR Policy

Data Retention Policy for Liverpool Schools

Design and Technology Policy 2021

COVID-19 Update to Design and Technology Policy

EAL Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Emergency Procedures for Educational Visits

COVID-19 Update for Educational Visits

English Policy

Appendix A For English Policy

COVID-19 Update to English Policy

Equality Information and Objectives

EYFS Policy 2020

COVID-19 Update to EYFS Policy

First Aid Policy 2020

Geography Policy 2020

COVID-19 Update to Geography Policy.

Gwladys Street Power Maths KS1 Calculation Policy

Gwladys Street Power Maths LKS2 Calculation Policy

Gwladys Street Power Maths UKS2 Calculation Policy

History Policy

COVID-19 Update to History Policy

COVID-19 Update to Homework Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy

COVID-19 Update to Marking and Feedback Policy

Mathematics Policy 2020

COVID-19 Update to Mathematics Policy

Mental Calculation Strategies Addition & Subtraction Policy

MFL Policy 2021

Mobile Phone Policy

Monitoring Policy

Music Policy

COVID-19 Update to Music Policy

Online Safety Policy

P.E .Policy

COVID-19 Update to P.E. Policy

Performance Management Policy

Phonics Policy

COVID-19 Update to Phonics Policy


COVID-19 Update to PSHE Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

R.E. Policy 2020

Reading For Pleasure Policy

Relationship & Sex Education Policy 2020

Remote Learning Policy February 2021

Schools Privacy Notice Pupil Information

Schools Privacy Notice for Schools Workforce

Schools Privacy Notice Covid-19 High Risk Groups

COVID-19 Update to Science Policy

SEND Policy 2020 – 2021

COVID-19 Update to SEND Policy

Science Policy 2021

Social Media Policy 2019

Guidance for Liverpool Schools on MFL Delivery

Supporting Medical Conditions in school Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

COVID-19 Update to Teaching and Learning Policy

Whistleblowing Policy