Health and Well-being

Here at Gwlady Street C. P. and N. School, our children engage in Mindfulness. This includes daily mindfulness breathing and relaxation at the beginning of the school day and after lunch.

This creates a calming atmosphere, promoting mental and physical relaxation, preparing the children for their learning.
Our children join in a variety of calming activities and strategies, and each classroom is fully equipped with a Mindfulness area.
Our school provides the space for children to talk and various strategies are provided which are personalised to the needs of each child.
Our staff have a team of Mental Health Champions who are able to offer support or signpost to the relevant agencies.
Our school provides a holistic whole school approach to support our children and families. The well-being of our children is paramount.
Calm Central is a unique place where our children access weekly sessions to help promote social and emotional well-being. We also have areas around our school where children are able to access for some time to reassess and self regulate.
Gwladys Street is proud of our Mental Health and Well-being Award. Care, compassion and support for all our children and families is very much embedded within our school ethos.
We do our very best to ensure our practice in school is driven by our children’s experience and aspirations.